A small tavern in Queens, New York becomes the meeting spot for young hopefuls who move to New York City in pursuit of their dreams, forming a bond of friendship and building a neighborhood community spot regularly likened to “Cheers”. Everything changes as COVID-19 descends upon New York, with Queens rapidly becoming a major hotspot in the global pandemic. The Sparrow Tavern is closed, and its staff are among the tens of thousands of service workers laid off across the city. Observing strict COVID protocols and using remotely operated cameras, Director Johnny Sweet creates a powerful testimonial that documents the psychological impact of the coronavirus on a group of young, single adults working in the hospitality industry as they experience it in real time, as well as the healthcare workers tirelessly fighting the virus on the frontline. Just outside the hospital doors, the bartenders struggle to make ends meet and figure out their identities and purpose while coping with the isolating anxiety, fear, uncertainty and death that surrounds them. Against the backdrop of shuttered restaurants and bars that make up the fabric of the community, the film reflects upon how social isolation inflicted by the coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives and minds forever.